Better business

The current government seems to think being "pro-business" means giving a green light to corporate tax avoiders and private monopolies. We will stand up for small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and the growing number of enterprises that want to co-operate and innovate for the public good.

We will also address two key issues holding back British business: lack of skills and of investment. The CBI says the UK has "a skills emergency now, threatening to starve economic growth". Yet George Osborne is cutting the adult skills budget. We will introduce a National Education Service to equip us with the skills we need.

Britain's businesses complain that Britain suffers from a lack of investment in our energy, transport and digital infrastructure. Yet the government continues to cut public investment. We will introduce a National Investment Bank to fund the infrastructure we need.


Fair rents

Rent controls to stop local shops and small businesses being priced out.

Digital investment

Public investment to improve our digital infrastructure.

Workers’ rights

Better enforcement of workers’ rights through the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and HMRC, which will catch bad employers that break the law and undercut good businesses.

Better transport links

Give local councils the power to regulate buses to improve transport links across the country, vital to help local high streets.

Support for self-employed

Review social security arrangements for self-employed and small business owners to ensure they are entitled to and receive the same security as employees.

Boost disposable income

A higher minimum wage and lower cost housing to put more disposable income into the pockets of consumers.

High-skill workforce

A reverse to the adult education cuts and a National Education Service to produce a more skilled workforce.

Small business rate freeze

Modest increases in corporation tax, but a small business rate freeze.

Level playing field

More resources at HMRC and Companies House to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance and put small businesses on a level playing field with big multinationals.

Green energy

Invest in renewable energy to bring down energy bills.

National Investment Bank

A National Investment Bank to help get finance to businesses in key sectors.

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